Use Case 2: 10-Day Harness

The ‘10-days harness’ use case expresses the innovation goal of Fokker Elmo: to develop a wire harness in 10 days to a level that corresponds to the normal results of the detailed design and production preparation phases, (including tool and assembly definition) up to Production Readiness Review (PRR). The system must be applicable throughout the different phases of the aircraft development process.



Within this use case, the focus will be on the Wiring Interconnection System design, often called the electrical design. The electrical design defines the electrical architecture topology, connectivity and components. Within IDEaliSM, process automation- and multidisciplinary optimization techniques are adopted to enable the optimization of the EWIS design. IDEaliSM will provide the development and selection of technologies capable of transforming electrical input data into an optimized EWIS design and aims to contribute to the vision by realizing a 50% efficiency gain.

The project will drive significant cost- and lead time reductions and results in an optimized EWIS integrated within the aircraft, which represent the major qualifiers for aircraft derivatives, next generation single aisle and future vertical lift programs. In this way, it will strengthen Fokker Elmo’s position to aircraft OEM and contribute to the main objectives of aircraft development.