Public Demonstrator

This page gives a short overview of the Public Demonstrator of the IDEaliSM project and provides links below to register and login to the demonstrator.


The Public Demonstrator should give an overview what is developed during the IDEaliSM project.

All project partners came to the conclusion that the development of a framework is needed which solves the main statements presented at the General Missions page. This framework is called Advanced Integration Framework; short AIF.


Advanced Integration Framework – AIF

The Advanced Integration Framework will enable high performance & agile engineering by integrating tools to easily configure, operate, and continuously update a lean, highly-automated, and concurrent workflow. A lean workflow tries to improve organizational responsiveness and speed by managing capacity constraints, by reducing work-in-process using a pull-based value flow, and by simplifying scheduling by making use of visual management. The Advanced Integration Framework will use the available standards and tools from the engineering library developed which is also developed within this project. The AIF is composed of the following sub-components:

  1. A module to design hybrid workflows

  2. A distributed knowledge base

  3. Case-specific engineering services

  4. A module for the operation, monitoring, and control of such hybrid workflows

  5. Cloudification of engineering workflows


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