KU Leuven

The research group iMinds-DistriNet of the KU Leuven university has extensive expertise in secure and distributed software, including: middleware for cloud computing, security middleware and software security. iMinds-DistriNet is a part of the iMinds Security Department,
a de facto “one-stop-shop for ICT security research”. In addition, over the past years iMinds-DistriNet has built up expertise in cloud computing solutions, and will bring in this know-how in the project. In particular, DistriNet has the necessary hands-on experience for an important subset of current mainstream IaaS, PaaS and SaaS offerings and collaborates with both future PaaS and SaaS providers to bring their software and technologies to the cloud.

iMinds-DistriNet has a tradition of application driven research often in close collaboration with industry partners; it is actively involved in about 35 national and international research projects. iMinds -DistriNet is active in some NoE’s that are very representative for this project. iMinds-DistriNet was leading the Applications Lab of AOSD-Europe (INFO-IST-004349), with a strong emphasis on application middleware. iMinds-DistriNet coordinates the research program of NESSoS (FP7-256980) aiming for the effective construction of secure services for the future. Furthermore, iMinds-DistriNet is active in multiple FP7 projects, both in the space of secure services and web-based systems (e.g. SecureChange – FP7-231101 and WebSand FP7-256964) and in IoT (e.g. BUTLER FP7-287901). DistriNet has been active in multiple ITEA projects before such as DigiNews, DiY-SE and MERGE.