About IDEC

IDEC S.L. (Ingeniería y Desarrollos en Composites) consists in an international SME with 20 years of experience in the aeronautical sector, with a continuous research and innovation processes. Its activities are focused in new materials engineering, particularly in advanced composites. IDEC main business lies in developing composite applications for the aeronautical sector, being Airbus Group and Fokker Aerostructures its main customers. In addition, it develops composite components for other industrial sectors such as shipbuilding, defense, renewable energy, automotive, sports…

IDEC is located in the north of Spain, i.e. in the Technology Park of Álava, with around 85 employees. Its main activities involve:

  1. The design, development and industrialization of Advanced Composite Structures by Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) technology (out-of-autoclave). RTM process enables the manufacturing of integrated components in ‘one-shot’.

  2. The design and manufacturing of the tooling required by the composite structures.


IDEC main activities

IDEC as IDEaliSM Partner

The technology innovation and the continuous improvement are relevant terms in IDEC philosophy, hence, this company has always been involved in national and international Research & Technology projects. This SME needs to satisfy its innovative goals in composites design and industrialization processes in order to assure its competitive position as supplier of the main aeronautical companies. IDEaliSM project will provide IDEC with an integrated, far more automatic and optimized design process, enabling to reach a better position in the composites market.

One of IDEC core activities is made up of designing and manufacturing Leading Edge (LE) components for aircrafts. This company takes part in IDEaliSM project as specialist in RTM LE design, being the Tier 2 supplier of the VTP (Vertical Tail Plane) LE for Fokker Aerostructures in Use Case 1 B “Rudder in a month”. IDEC aligned with Fokker Aerostructures support IT technologies developers to integrate, accelerate and optimize the aircraft composite components design process.

This IDEaliSM project is jointly funded by European FEDER funds through the GAITEK and HAZITEK programs of SPRI (Basque Government) and by the European Investment Bank funds through the CDTI (Spanish Government).

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