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How to start / Quick start


The workflow of the demonstrator is intended to begin at the build case. This is the task on the most left in the workflow.

After exploring this task you should proceed to the execute case which directly follows the build case.

The direction of browsing through the task is also leaded by the arrows which connect the task between each other.

If you need more explanation just read along.

Have fun with the software!!


General Remarks to the Demonstrator


After login you will see the following start page.

Start Page

This page gives you an overview of the tasks in the workflow which are assigned to you. These are the task which you can inspect and if they are correct mark as watched and approved.

The left pane also shows the projects which are assigned to you. If you click on one you will get to the dashboard of that project.


In that dashboard you can inspect the project workflow by clicking on that button in the upper row of the dashboard. The next page you will reach then will look like this:

Project Workflow

This is the starting point of the workflow itself. A nice overview which tasks are contained in the workflow can be retrieved by clicking Expand All in the left pane.

Project TasksBy going into a task itself the website would look like this:

Task Inside

On left hand side you see the contents of a task. These model contents which are put into the task and also which are output parameters of the task.

When you click on one of the contents the pane on the right hand side will show the values of the model elements. Here you can inspect them, click on links or even change them to fulfill a task.

This is how you proceed from one to another task by following the arrows connection the task between each other.


Collaborative Nature of the Software


If you browse through the demonstrator you may recognize changes to the tasks which were not made by you.

This can happen if at the same time you are exploring the workflow another person is logged in and works on the model.

This is no failure!!! This is intended behavior since the software is developed to allow multiple users to work on exactly one workflow at the same time.